Hair Loss therapies

With an analysis of the hair and scalp using our micro scanner together with an in-depth consultation, a bespoke treatment plan using Stop and grow (www.stop& can be devised to suit each individual's requirements. This is a combination of in salon and at home treatments, progression is carefully monitored, in most cases after just a short period of time, severe hair loss will be reduced and hair volume visibly increased.

** it is advised to visit your GP for blood tests prior to requesting a consultation for stop and grow, to eliminate any underlying health issues, in which case stop and grow may not be suitable .

Non Surgical Hair Replacements

The Hairdreams Microline method integrates a virtually invisible hair net with high grade human attached hair into your existing hair, a special bonding is gently and durably worked into the hair to hold it in place. Unlike wearing a wig, you can shampoo your hair whilst the Microline remains in place, enabling you to play sports, sunbath and generally gain the confidence back to do all the things you haven’t been able to do for a long time. A Microline can be used for all levels of hair loss, from severe thinning to just adding in extra volume. There are 10 different types in total, and a custom design is also possible. After an in-depth assessment, the desired result can be achieved giving you back a new lease of life. A specialist cutting technique is used to blend the added hair into your own, giving a natural appearance to the finished look.


Using incomparable quality 5* and 7* hair from Hair dreams, to add length or thickness, is done using tiny undetectable attachments. Depending on your requirements I offer different bonding techniques, using only the finest quality hair. The hair can be applied in less than an hour for a whole new hair transformation. Colors can be blended to achieve multi tonal effects and root shadow colors to achieve the latest on trend balayage looks without the use of bleach. A bespoke placement of color to contour and enhance your features enabling you to be the very best version of yourself. Maybe it’s just a flash of color your looking for or tired of waiting for a style to grow out, everything is possible to achieve the look you require. A specialist cutting technique is used to blend the added hair into your own, giving a natural appearance to the finished look.

Event Styling

If you have a special event to attend, you are sure to want to look your very best. As a passionate stylist I will provide you with a bespoke hairstyle that you are certain to love, considering factors such as face and body shape, hair texture and your choice of outfit. I have worked all over the UK and on many international projects, styling models at fashion shows, beauty pageants, photo shoots and been part of many bride’s special day. If you are looking forward to really making an entrance, whether you’re getting married, a guest at a wedding, red carpet event, or a special night out, allow me to work my magic.

Trico Test (genetic test for alopecia)

The fagron Trichotest is the most complete genetic test for alopecia, analysing both genetic factors and other characteristics. Suitable for use by men and women who have tried different treatments with little or no success. A full report with an explanation of your genetic characteristics and their relation to alopecia treatment will be provided for you, along with a personalised treatment plan and recommended prescription.

Price: £250.00 (includes an initial consultation/ assessment and follow up assessment within 3 weeks with a specialist consultant to discuss your treatment pathway)

Can be done remotely via video call or in clinic.


An in depth consultation is essential for every client before embarking on your Lotus hair journey.

Hairloss Clinic for Salons

For salon owners interested in hair loss but don’t have the time to train, I am able to offer a hair loss clinic within your salon.

** a private room must be available to enable me to provide a clinic on specified dates. I will provide all marketing material and assist with promoting the services.